Ace Tips to Conduct the Most Effective Job Interview

Often, the price of hiring the wrong person for a job is worse than hiring no one at all. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Rebecca Knight outlines the tips for conducting better interviews that hire the best person every time.

First, compile a list of interview questions that address whether applicants fit the core criteria you have in mind for the job. If you need help forming criteria, think about the top-performers in your organization and what attributes they have in common. And obviously, applicants should have the skills to excel in the role too.

Second, acknowledge that people under stress typically do not perform their best. If you want to see applicants at their best, then try to schedule interviews at a time that works for them. Additionally, tell them in advance the general topics you would like to discuss so that they can feel better prepared. (If you like to see people sweat though, maybe you will skip this advice.)

The fewer people you involve in the interview, the faster it will move. Try to cap it at three people conducting the interview. And budget upward of two hours for the first interview, to really give you time to assess candidates’ potential.

Knight and her sources actually recommend not asking questions like “What are your weaknesses?” because it is basically an invitation to lie. Instead, just pose real problems people in this job position would face and ask how they would deal with them. Or you could also describe company processes to applicants and ask how they would improve them. You will learn way more here than with abstract questions.

Do not sweat too much if applicants are the right “cultural fit,” because all that really matters is if they can learn to adapt. If you are ultimately impressed with an applicant, then spend the second half of the interview really selling the job’s benefits. After all, the applicant might be interviewing you and the business too.

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