5 Ways to Get Data Analytics Working

Building up your data analytics is tough. The department can take in thousands of pieces of data that range from where products are bought to what’s selling the big bucks. But what are some of the ways that you can get your data analytics up off the ground? In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels interviews Andy Day and extracts five tips to make data analytics work for you:

  • Get stuck into organizational change.
  • Look to innovate at the edge.
  • Grow the seeds for change across the business.
  • Sell your brand to help overcome skills and concerns.
  • Keep the board aware of your great work.

Working the Data

Day says that one of the key ways to improve your company is by getting to know the workers. Take some time to sit down and take notes on what they have to say in order to add to your own reservoir of knowledge. Innovating at the edge should also be a goal, looking into different sectors and seeing how you can innovate for the future.

Taking steps to sow the seeds of change are important, as Samuels points out:

CDOs, therefore, most find ways to turn creativity into a business return. Day is now identifying what he refers to as his ‘moon shots’, which are the big – potentially game-changing – ideas that could create significant value for the business. He is building teams around those ideas and creating programmes of work.

Progress has already been made. Day refers, for example, to the firm’s data lake programme. Six months after starting the initiative, the firm can process 300 transactions per second from tilling systems. The information is now being used by data scientists across Sainsbury’s.

It should also be stressed that you build up your brand’s image as a place data scientists would want to work. Building up your reputation as a cool place for employees to come and work is a great way to attract great talent. Likewise, Day believes that being results-driven and continually working is a must for success too.

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