5 Tips to Help CIOs Choose the Right Devices for IT

Gone are the days of laptops running the board rooms for on-the-go professionals. Tablets and device hybrids have jumped into the mix and now CIOs have a choice when it comes to their tech. But what drives the choice between a laptop and a tablet? Have no fear. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels helps explain how to choose which device is best for you:

  1. Focus on the service, not the device.
  2. Help define great solutions to user challenges.
  3. Use of tablets must be role-based.
  4. Make sure other departments do not make IT decisions in isolation.
  5. Find ways to manage the complexity.

Tablet vs. Laptop

One of the most important parts in choosing the right device is not so much the device itself, but the service it provides. A tablet gives portability, but a laptop may have more power to work on more complex tasks. It’s all about to which end you wish to use the technology. However, the user’s preferences shouldn’t be counted out when deciding upon which tools to use. By using preferences in conjunction with the intended use, the end result can be individuals have the right tools for the right job.

Samuels calls upon Peter Markey, the marketing director at TBS Bank, to help explain how cooperation between departments is equally important:

Evidence suggests marketing teams run by executives like Markey are increasingly making their own IT purchasing decisions. Analyst Gartner’s latest figures show that marketing chiefs spend 27 percent of their budget on technology, equal to 3.24 percent of overall company revenue.

However, Markey believes a strong technology department still plays a crucial role. He refers to his former role as CMO of Aviva and says the organisation benefiting from having access to a “brilliant” technology team. “Business decisions on technology must be related to contexts and personal preferences,” he says.

Despite all this, it’s important to manage these new innovations and technologies carefully. Not everyone in the company may have access to the tools or versions that some of the higher ranking members may have at their disposal. Understanding and working with the most basic level of devices in mind can aid items used moving forward.

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