5 Steps to Giving Quality Interviews

Narrowing the field of job applicants to a worthwhile few is difficult. Narrowing those few down to just one through interviewing is even more difficult. But an article at CareerBuilder offers five steps to make it simpler:

  1. Do your homework. Study their resume and any other materials they provide. Likewise, see what dirt they might have hovering out there on Google and social media.
  2. Do not rush to judgement based on appearances. Bias will inevitably seep into your appraisals, but do everything you consciously can to judge candidates according to what you learn through discussion with them.
  3. Study behavior. Ask experience-based questions whose answers force candidates to prove that they really are “team players” or “goal-oriented,” etc.
  4. Change things up. Ask an open-ended question that makes candidates think on their feet. Do not go overboard with this though; remember to stay practical.
  5. Maintain a consistent evaluation process. Keep notes on how candidates ask questions and compare them to a guide you have prepared in advance. Try to decide which candidate best matches your intended ideal.

You can view the original article here:

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