4 Places to Find Job Candidates You Probably Never Considered

In IT, there are always seats to be filled, which means talent is always in demand. One way to find more job seekers is to look in unorthodox places. Andre Lavoie shares four examples in an article for Entrepreneur:

  1. Former employees: When people leave the business, keep tabs on how they are doing over time. There may eventually be a good opportunity to entice former employees to come back to the business.
  2. Website visitors: Include recruiter contact information in an easy place, for curious souls who stumble upon your website. Really sell your company culture on the website.
  3. Social media other than LinkedIn: Target Facebook at the very least, if not all of the viable social media platforms.
  4. Your customers: Your customers already know and trust your business. Maybe some of them are worth bringing into the fold.

For elaboration, you can view the original article here:

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