A Value Proposition for Making Your Employees Feel Valued

If you personalize how you make your team members feel valued, you maximize your chances of creating a fulfilled team. In an article for TLNT, Shea Heaver discusses how to craft your “value proposition.” For starters, do not make yourself the point of reference for how you think others act and think; you might be a big weirdo! Instead, take the time to learn about employees. For example, some people might like a public thank you, while others may prefer it in private. Some people might like more responsibility as a reward for good work completed—others may not.

When you talk to employees, make it two-way feedback. Additionally, avoid language that might be perceived as accusatory or dictatorial, like, “You should…” And articulate on a regular basis that you are available for employees to voice their concerns to you. If you do not do this regularly, “the door is always open” could start to feel like “the door is open, but abandon all hope ye who enter.”

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