Are You Managing the Company Cloud the Right Way?

Nowadays, instead of having your head in the clouds, it’s your resources. The modern IT team needs to be able to manage their cloud as best they can in order to maximize performance. However, the multitude of cloud services that a company may have can complicate monitoring these services. Enter cloud management software, which monitors the multiple services that a company may have. Utilizing cloud management can help companies with cloud services and overall provide a better experience for all involved. In an article for IT Pro Portal, Kirill Bensonoff shares some important cloud management tips.

When the Weather Is Cloudy

Some of the most important factors to look into when deciding which cloud management software to use are the scale and security that would be the best fit for your company. Cloud management also relies on a solid IT staff to keep everything working well. In this vein, it is important to have the right team with the right tools to help your cloud management software along.

One of the benefits of having cloud management software is that the cloud can be monitored from the provider or a third party in order to keep your own resources freed up. This allows for a greater level of automation as it gives the power to modify your resource usage in correlation. This customization can allow companies to check their usage in order to make sure the cloud services are being used to their maximum effect.

Additionally, Bensonoff states the following about cost management through the software:

Without proper monitoring and cost management, it’s easy for services to get out of control. You can end up paying for resources that you don’t use, and without proper monitoring, never even know it. Using cost management services, you can identify any unused instances and shut those down to right-size for your organisation.

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