Tips for Fighting ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ and Other Robocalls

Have you heard of the “Can you hear me now?” scam? You receive a call, are immediately asked that question, and if you answer “yes,” it gets recorded and may get used to claim you agreed to be charged for their services. It is ridiculous, and the bad news is that technology is getting better. As Ben Popken explains in an article for NBC News, some automated robots are even programmed to assure you that they are human beings if you ask if they are robots.

What the heck can you do when you think you have been targeted by the Terminator’s extremely less threatening cousin? Popken shares these tips:

  • Hang up.
  • Report the number to the FTC.
  • Check out call-blocking services and tools, like NoMoRobo and Privacy Star.
  • Get on the “Do Not Call list.”
  • Pressure representatives to crack down on these fools.

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