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3 Strategies to Manage Change in Digital Transformation

As digital transformation continues to move forward, we see that it will take a great effort from the people to implement them. Companies need to be able to stick the landing here in implementing these new technologies so their business can continue to grow.  However, there is a lack of confidence in how to achieve the vision the organization is striving for. To aid in this, John Rauschenberger gives some strategies at the Enterprisers Project that can aid in digital transformation:

  • Make no little plans
  • Build C-suite support
  • Make a protective learning environment

Upgrading Your Workplace

Thinking small helps no one in digital transformation. Those who benefit the most from digital transformation are the ones most willing to accept sweeping changes to their company and invest greatly into the process. Incremental change to legacy systems is not enough, and it should likely be done away with in favor of more ambitious plans.

This change won’t be easy, especially on staff. Some will resist the change, and that is completely natural. The key here is to create a constructive learning environment so they can learn the systems alongside the development of newer systems. In addition to giving staff members a stable learning environment, be sure to show what the new benefits these transformations will have moving forward.

When it comes to who should be leading the change, Rauschenberger said this:

To form the necessary critical mass for digital transformation, the CIO needs to lead the effort at a minimum. In many cases, the CEO or board also needs to encourage the organization to strategically marshal forces for the work. Competition between departments for resources and/or budget impedes digital transformation, say 76 percent of the PointSource study respondents. Just 30 percent say departments within their organization always come together to solve problems.

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