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Managing the Inner Workings of Change

No one said change was easy. It’s hard to go from what is comfortable and familiar to something new, especially when asking a multitude of other people to join you in this change. But it’s an inevitable part of life, and those in charge of making such changes need to be best prepared for the possibility of pushback. In a post at Future of CIO, Pearl Zhu shares some thoughts on how to psychologically manage change:

  • There are different psychological responses to changes.
  • Business leaders/managers must first examine their own mindset.
  • Creativity today asks for a new mindset.

Changing for the Better

Change leaders have their work cut out for them when dealing with those who oppose change. They need to maintain a balance that allows them to connect with their employees. One of the preferred methods to this is to be sympathetic to the workforce, with a structured transition process so the adaptation to the change isn’t too jarring. These new changes, regardless of what they may be, should do their best to foster creativity and to ensure growth moving forward.

Zhu says that having a flexible mindset is one of the ways business leaders can foster change:

The change mindset with positive mentalities include growth mindset (thinking change as the opportunity), problem-solving mindset (fixing the real problem, not just symptom), creative mindset (discovering an alternative way to do thing), strategic mind (keep the end in mind, think long term), multi-intelligent mindset (show the humility to learn and catch up) etc. The fixed or rigid mind is a type of “anti-change” mindset, it usually won’t allow the person to think beyond a point. These mindsets can be described as defensive and resist or reject anything that affects cozy familiarity

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