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How to Power Up Your Project Presentations

The project presentation is your time to shine. It’s the time where you can convey your project to anyone who is interested, so making a good impression is key. In a post at the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall explains how to easily improve a project presentation.

Project Presentation Pro Tips

Presenting a solid presentation can take a good deal of prior planning on the presentation itself. Structuring the presentation in a simple format (introduction, body, and conclusion) can help with planning out how the presentation will go. Practice the presentation to get yourself comfortable with the material. Practice will allow for easier recall of the information at the time of the presentation. Because no one’s memory is perfect, bringing an outline can be helpful as well. It’s important though that this is indeed an outline and not a script because an outline allows more freedom for you to engage with the audience. Your outline can include some quotes and excerpts, but the keyword here is simple. This rule of simplicity also applies to the slides themselves, as the slides are mainly there to add to what you’re saying already. Presentations should also utilize visuals as an extra way to connect with the audience.

When it comes to the presentation itself, there are some additional guidelines to follow. Arriving early is a good plan in order to get everything set up and functioning properly. During the presentation, the best plan of attack is to include stories and analogies to keep the audience interested. They’re more likely to remember the story than anything else. While presenting it’s key to maintain sustained, focused eye contact with audience members for a few seconds each to increase your audience’s engagement. At the end of the presentation, you should have a copy of the presentation or a handout of some form that audience members can take with them. This can be either a physical copy or a digital one.

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