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How to Navigate Ageism in IT

Ageism has become a major problem affecting employment in IT. Companies seem far more biased in favor of the younger workers, even going so far as to put graduation year preferences when posting positions. But this blatant stereotype of “older” being equal to “outdated” is just as detrimental as other forms of discrimination. In an article for, Bob Vilolino gives some ways to help combat the ageism you may experience in the workplace.

Work for All Ages

Identifying discriminatory action in the workplace can be done in a number of ways. Ageist comments and a vocal preference for “young blood” are more easily identifiable, but there are even subtler actions such as limitations on years of experience. It is also important to see if you are being given the same opportunities for professional growth as your younger colleagues because these can be indicators too. Demonstrating that you are willing to learn and grow continually throughout your career is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself as a valued individual that should be treated as such.

Should you find age discrimination, there are a number of ways to combat it. Vilolino cites senior AARP Foundation attorney, Laurie McCann, who lists off important information regarding this particular kind of discrimination:

The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) applies to employers (including federal, state, and local government agencies) with 20 or more employees. ADEA protects individuals age 40 and older from age discrimination in every aspect of the employment relationship, McCann says.

There are important time limitations for challenging age discrimination. In most states, you must file a charge of age discrimination with the EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] within 300 days of the alleged action, McCann says. In some states, the filing time is 180 days. Make sure you know which time limit applies to you and keep track of these deadlines.

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