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Design Coordination: It All Connects

ITSM has a lot of processes that are essential to maintaining quality service. The big parts of ITIL like incident management may take precedence, but the smaller and less exciting aspects can be equally as important in ensuring top-quality service. One of these less flashy processes is service design coordination. In a post at his website, Joe the IT Guy gives a blueprint of useful IT coordination tips to maximize your coordination.

Coordination Maximization

In the first place, coordination processes typically take care of the following:

  • Coordination of activities
  • Capturing lessons learned
  • Spotting and solving resource conflicts and overseeing future resource requests

Coordinating multiple maintenance activities at the same time is an important part of maintaining quality service to the customer. Covering multiple changes at one time means that the downtime for maintenance is much shorter than having it take place multiple times for smaller fixes.

This communication between teams also applies to the allocation of resources. Instead of multiple groups pining for the attention of those in charge, using an objective and coordinated approach can yield much better responses. This in turn forces individuals to view their projects objectively and to see how they best benefit the company as a whole.

When it comes to knowledge management, Joe says the following:

If every team in your organization practices effective knowledge management – i.e. records their successful approaches, as well as the less successful ones, so that mistakes are not repeated and good techniques are – does that mean your organization has superb knowledge management? Not really, because so many valuable lessons are relevant and applicable to a wide range of teams, across the organization. A central point capturing knowledge across the teams and making it available to all of them, normalized to be meaningful “across the board” can deliver much more value in terms of saved time and money and better service availability and performance.

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