Forrester’s Research on CIOs and C-Suite Tech Spending

As strange as it sounds, businesses have decided technology has become too important to leave to the people who understand technology. All of the C-suite is involved in tech spending now. Fortunately, the CIO is still a dominant force in such proceedings. In a post for Forrester, analyst Andrew Bartels shares highlights from new research into executive tech purchasing patterns.

Bartels displays the data so succinctly that it would actually be detrimental to truncate it any further here, so let’s just examine a couple trends and then usher you off to the original post. For one thing, Bartels puts on record that the extent of purchasing power ripped away from the CIO is actually not as great as anecdotal evidence might lead you to believe. And another thing to remember is that technology acquisition is a very complicated process, and different stakeholders should necessarily be involved at different steps in that process. Making acquisitions a team effort is ultimately for the best in the long run.

Now, you can view all of the data here:

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