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Four of the Biggest IT Project Stressors (and How to Relax)

Being project manager can be very stressful. The expectation to perform all the necessary tasks and keep the project on track fries enough nerves as it is, not to mention the additional stress that may be present. However, some of these stressors can be alleviated rather easily. In an article for TechRepublic, Moira Alexander describes four solvable IT stressors:

  • A boss who can’t say no to new projects
  • Insufficient resources to get the job done
  • New security threats popping up
  • When you are your own worst enemy

Get Less Stress

As project manager, your boss can be a major issue when they prescribe too many projects. Instead of suffering silently, talking to your boss about the issue and opening a dialogue with them can really help in conveying your point. But also understand that your boss is a person too and that it takes the two of you working together to achieve results.

In addition to talking to your boss about your workload, looking for the right resources to get the job done is also a good way to decrease unneeded stress. Of course, knowing what you need and getting higher-ups to provide it are two different things. But if you can make a logical case for more resources that justifies the cost, your odds of getting what you need will increase. In this step, it is important to think preemptively in order to best plan out how to present the issue and a solution.

Planning ahead is also the only way to handle new security threats. Moira calls upon Mike Davis, CTO of security solutions provider CounterTack, to best express how a different approach can help with dealing with security threats:

In the case of security threats, Davis recommends IT leaders ask themselves and their teams, “what do attackers have access to in terms of other threats now that the threat has been exploited?” He further recommends following the threat to determine “now that the attacker is on the file server, what threats can they leverage?”

Most importantly, knowing when to step away from work and understand your own limitations is incredibly important. Life is a balancing act, and letting yourself burn out due to work helps no one. So take a walk, smell the roses, and watch that show everyone’s been raving about.

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