Building the 3 Types of Workplace Trust

Trust travels in different directions to create different effects. In an article for Fast Company, Mark Lukens describes three different types of workplace trust and explains their value.

The first of course is trust with colleagues within the business. When there is higher trust among workers, job satisfaction increases and work tasks are more effectively distributed among workers. The second type of trust is trust with outsiders, such as customers and suppliers. Research from Korea shows that countries whose people are more trustworthy produce a more viable environment for entrepreneurship. So in other words, it is easier to start and manage a business when people are less afraid of getting stiffed.

The last form of trust is trust in technology. No, that does not mean to hug your monitor; it means to place more trust in statistical models and let go of biases. A business with great data will still flounder if nobody is actually listening to the data.

For thoughts on how to build these different forms of trust, you can view the original article here:

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