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Bimodal IT Is Past Its Due Date

Bimodal IT, like Nixon in 1974, is getting harder to defend. In a brief post for Forrester, analyst Tim Sheedy takes a look at the trends among IT and CIOs and finds that bimodal is the wrong solution to changing demands. Because bimodal IT offers “fast” and “slow” IT—but the only acceptable speed for even operational IT is “fast” anymore. Sheedy thus discusses the paths CIOs are taking in lieu of bimodal IT in order to succeed.

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Chiefly, CIOs are establishing a vision of customer empowerment across the business. Then they are going piece by piece—transforming technology, metrics, and skill sets—to make the reality fit the vision. They use a skill matrix to help themselves understand what skill sets are required in the business now and which skill sets will be required soon.

Sheedy goes on to discuss one more thing CIOs are doing:

They are embracing modern technology platforms and processes. Using public cloud is now commonplace, but leaders are surfing the wake of the large cloud platform providers, using cloud innovations to drive better customer and business outcomes. Microservices and APIs are helping older systems to be fast and secure; DevOps and Agile are starting to dominate the development and ongoing tech improvement approach of leading businesses; and companies that outsource some of their IT are shifting away from traditional sourcing arrangements to more flexible partnerships.

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