How to Ask ‘Beautiful’ Questions

Leigh Buchanan interviews Warren Berger on the subject of “beautiful” questions for Inc. A beautiful question “reframes an issue and forces you to look at it in a different way.” These are the types of questions that, by their nature, inspire innovation or solutions to problems. And Berger goes far with this idea. For instance, he thinks businesses should replace mission statements with lofty questions, like “How might we use robotics to improve the world?” Furthermore, he disagrees with the notion that an employee should have a solution ready to go when he or she must bring a problem tothe boss. Berger believes that really excellent answers may not arrive within minutes or days. And frankly, this is true—but I would also add that there are limits to this philosophy. It would not be good if employees suddenly stopped challenging themselves all because “This question is too big for one person to answer, man!”

But you get the idea. For further thoughts, you can view the full interview here:

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