7 Tips to Ask More Powerful Questions

Knowledge is power, and the right question can be a spear through the heart of your worst problems. Thus, you should work on improving the strength of your questions. In a post at his website, leadership author Michael Hyatt shares seven tips to do just that:

  1. Ask open-ended questions in order to generate conversation and uncover insights that might be overlooked in yes/no questions.
  2. Ask yourself and colleagues what your assumptions are. False assumptions are where many problems are uncovered.
  3. Remind yourself that there are often at least two sides to every story. Work on capturing all angles of an issue, whenever possible.
  4. Ask follow-up questions. Hyatt even discourages making comments between questions if you can help it, because consecutive questions often lead to deeper understandings.
  5. Get comfortable with silence when looking for information. The longer you keep your mouth shut, the more incentive there is for someone else to speak up.
  6. Help people discover their own insights. In other words, ask questions that guide people to realizing something that you already know. In Star Wars terms, this is a classic Grand Admiral Thrawn maneuver.
  7. Understand the difference between facts and speculation, and make sure that people specify one from the other when they provide information.

With these tips in mind, you are ready to confront any issue. You can view the original post here:

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