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5 Ways to Boost IT Metabolism

In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Angela T. Tucci recognizes that saying “Get agile!” is not the solution—or even the right terminology—to solve every IT challenge. Nonetheless, there is room for improvement all the same. Tucci likes to describe IT’s potential speed and productivity increases as “metabolism,” and she shares five basic tips to get more of it:

  1. Have an inspirational vision.
  2. Consider the culture.
  3. Rethink your processes.
  4. Find the right tools.
  5. Learn and adapt from failure.

Burning Inefficiencies

Okay, yeah, you have probably heard all five of those tips before. I know I have, many times over. But they are worth repeating, since it is good advice. IT cannot move confidently in a positive direction if there is no unified vision in place for where it should be going. Likewise, for a positive culture to exist, managers must be known for listening to their employees and also for leading by example. Failure should be discouraged and avoided of course, but when it happens, failures should be treated as learning opportunities foremost.

About rethinking your processes, Tucci says this:

Many of the processes and systems we use in business were created decades ago under the guise of automating standard business processes. But these standard business processes were built on adaptations of high-volume manufacturing of physical items. As companies improve their organizational metabolisms, leaders need to rethink what processes and systems are carried forward from the 20th century that may not be serving fast responses required today. Today’s workplace not only needs process for governance and compliance, but also processes for people and enablement – into the slipstream of the way people work today.

There must also be modern tools in place to agree with modernized processes. If the tools and the processes do not agree, they will play a game of bloody knuckles—except the business will be the thing that gets bloody.

You can view the original article here:

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