5 Things That Great Questions Should Do

Have you ever stopped and thought about what a question should really do? Probably not. But used strategically, questions can serve a few purposes beyond simply soliciting an answer. Stephanie Vozza shares five things a question can do in an article for Fast Company:

  1. Questions can empower. For instance, if you ask, “How do you feel about the project so far?” instead of, “Why are you behind schedule?” you give the person better footing upon which to give an honest answer.
  2. Questions can create inclusiveness. If you start a conversation with a question like, “Have you ever wished you could go back and stop yourself from making one mistake?” you create a connection with the listeners.
  3. Questions can challenge your assumptions. This one is self-explanatory.
  4. Open-ended questions can give the answerer ownership over the conversation and cause him or her to think more deeply.
  5. Questions can inspire innovation. The right “why” question might inspire major business upheaval.

Now you know the full, awesome power of questions. For further elaboration on these ideas, you can view the original article here:

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