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5 Little Tips to Become a Better Communicator

Do you ever sense a quiet exasperation in the people to whom you are talking? As if maybe they wish this conversation or presentation would just end? Maybe your communication skills need work. In a post at the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall shares five quick tips that might make the difference in your improvement:

  1. Join Toastmasters.
  2. Use visuals.
  3. Study great communicators.
  4. Read books on communication.
  5. Ask for feedback.

Communicate with Purpose

About that unique first tip, Hall says this:

Just because we speak or make presentations a lot does not mean that we are improving. We can actually become worse. Individuals need feedback and coaching to become better.

Consider joining an organization like Toastmasters International. This organization provides education and public speaking resources. More importantly, you’ll have regular opportunities to speak and to get feedback in a safe environment. If you like, you can even compete at different levels allowing you to further hone your skills.

A good visual explains a lot so that you do not have to—so make use of good visuals. Ask yourself if there is an idea that might be better represented with a chart or illustration rather than words, and then cook something up. It may be a bigger investment on your part, but it will make for faster understanding for your audience.

If you want to pick up new tips for speaking right now, then study how other great communicators did it and read books dedicated to the subject of communication. And once you put those new tips into practice, ask for feedback from colleagues about how you are doing. Or alternatively, ask for feedback on where you could stand to improve in the first place.

Improvement, and probably more confidence, will come in time. You can view the original post here:

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