4 Ways to Reverse Destructive Mentalities for IT Decision-Making

Are there still executives in your business who think of IT as a money vacuum? These are people who are going to stand in the way of IT evolving in the right direction, because they do not realize that IT is a genuine investment. In an article for InformationWeek, consultant Larry Alton shares four reasons why it is more accurate and healthier to think of IT as an investment rather than an expense:

  1. Allows IT to shift from reactive to proactive
  2. Improves efficiency
  3. Avoids excessive frugality
  4. Allows scale

The Long Road to Green

When IT is only thought of as a cost, it will only get deployed in a reactionary context so as to save money. In other words, IT will only be deployed when a problem exists to be fixed, instead of deploying IT to make improvements that stop problems from arising in the first place. Likewise, about improving efficiencies, Alton states this:

There’s a reason one tablet is $200 and another is $2,000. Devices with more processing power, higher reliability, and better functionality tend to cost more than their inexpensive counterparts. If you see IT as an expense, this leads to sticker shock, but seeing it as an investment helps you realize that better devices lead to higher productivity and morale. According to a UK survey, more than two-thirds of workers felt negatively about their workplace, in part due to outdated technology and practices, with the average worker being frustrated with office tech around three times per day.

Executives need to think about the potential value IT can produce instead of the upfront cost of producing it. Big business wins—especially tech-related ones—do not occur over short time frames. For IT to develop and scale into something that can support the business into the future, executives must look across a wider timeline to decide whether IT is succeeding or failing.

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