4 Tips for Continuous Improvement in Corporate Innovation

Generating new and innovative ideas for your company can require work, timing, and dedication. The key is taking a lightning-in-a-bottle idea and converting it into a battery as you look to continuously improve upon those ideas with new ones. In an article from Computerworld, Nicholas Evans gives some insight into how to approach continuous improvement in corporate innovation:

  • Continuously adjust the sights around innovation as customer needs and market conditions dictate.
  • Incorporate new developments in innovation management theory and practice.
  • Digitally transform your innovation program.
  • Continuously communicate with your various innovation stakeholders.

Innovation Improvement

One way to foster innovation is to see market trends and adjust accordingly. This may include rethinking the measurements and focus of the innovation. Digital transformation would be an example of a direction that innovation projects have taken and as a larger trend should be taken into account in innovation programs. This digital transformation of innovation programs is also a way to aid in continuous improvement.

As we move towards an increasingly digitized age, the innovation process should also be updated to fit the times. What is important with this transformation is that the program itself is intrinsically designed for customization. This allows the program easier access to the flow of ideas while maintaining the quality.

As the digital transformation of innovation continues, the implementation of new developments becomes increasing important. Evans give the following as an example as to how lean startup techniques can be utilized:

As an example, lean startup techniques may help you move more quickly to an MVP or may help you to find an external home for IP that you’ve decided is non-core to the business. More general lean techniques can also be applied to ensure that your ideation sessions are suitably lean in terms of people, process and technology and provide a useful continuum of capabilities ranging from rapid, virtual sessions to more lengthy, in-person sessions as appropriate for your specific session objectives and participants.

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