4 Things Not to Do to Build Trust with the Team

The lazy way out is typically the wrong way out. Especially in business, if you want people to trust you, you need to put in some effort. In an article for Entrepreneur, Glenn Llopis shares four things you should remember not to do:

  1. Fail to build rapport: You need to engage people in conversations and get to know them, both their motivations and their apprehensions. Work with them and empower them to succeed, which will in turn help you succeed.
  2. Duck out on diplomacy: You need to be able to navigate office politics, particularly as it pertains to knowing when to raise your voice. You should pick your corporate battles carefully if you want to keep life easy for your project team.
  3. Never establish credibility: You need to be good at your job and reliable in your actions. Give people a reason to have faith in you!
  4. Avoid conflict: Leaders manage conflict by breaking arguments down and finding the practical logic that lies within them. They likewise treat conflict in general as an opportunity to learn and build new relationships.

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