4 Simple Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued

Investments have value. So if you want your employees to feel valued, you need to invest in them. In an article for the Muse, Avery Augustine shares four simple tips to support and empower your people:

  1. Recognize your employees’ contributions each time you assign them new work. As they accomplish more (and more challenging) work, they will feel like valued and irreplaceable parts of the company.
  2. Bring it to employees’ attention whenever other people have said good things about them or their work. This will show they are part of a network of people who rely on each other.
  3. Break up the monotony of people’s work by assigning them more challenging projects, even if you have to dream up a project that caters to their talents. It shows you believe in their ability to deliver.
  4. Recognize employees as individuals. If someone really knocks it out of the park, reward that person individually (as opposed to the whole team).

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