10 Tips for Office Building Security

Realistically, in spite of how many millions of dollars of equipment and information are stored in offices, the average office worker is not sweating security. People just take it on faith that nothing will ever be stolen, and they are right—until they are wrong. In a post for MVP Protective Services, Braden Russom shares 10 tips to remember about building security:

  1. Practice effective communication: Designate a single trusted person to broadcast security information via email, such as if a certain group of people is expected at the building on a given day.
  2. Control the keys: In small-enough environments where someone has to lock up, ensure that the lock-up procedure is maintained by just a few people and that a protocol is followed (e.g., check the bathrooms).
  3. Promote site-wide policies: If you create a policy of not allowing people to leave valuables on their desk when they leave for the day, then risk of theft will drop dramatically. Likewise, it is a good idea to have everyone wear ID badges.
  4. Make extra, small investments in security: Plate locks to secure equipment in place are a good example.
  5. Make sure the anti-virus software is on: Tech-illiterate people find ways to disable things that should never be disabled. Educate people about anti-virus software.
  6. Let there be light: Try to keep all areas well-lit, and have as few blind spots in the building as possible.
  7. Have a receptionist: A full-time receptionist keeps watch and serves as a deterrent.
  8. Use an access control system: In other words, use keycards if you can.
  9. If you have the cash, film: Closed circuit television (CCTV) sees all.
  10. Train employees: If some element of security is important to you, then train employees to be on the watch for it.

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