10 Leadership Behaviors to Inspire Trust

You can inspire your team to believe in you and your leadership, or you can be that awkward person who takes half-hearted action and leaves everyone feeling lousy about their position. Would you prefer to be the former? In an article for Forbes, Ekaterina Walter shares some fast tips to earn trust:

  1. Lead by example. Show that you were granted your current position for a reason.
  2. Over-communicate. The more information you leave unspoken, the more room that gives for employees to become suspicious of your motivations or other happenings in the business.
  3. Admit mistakes and acknowledge your limitations. Always be humble and honest.
  4. Stick to your commitments to create a track record for reliability.
  5. Trust your team back, which should be easy if you are leading competent people who understand your expectations.
  6. Ask for feedback. Have your team help you look for blind spots in your leadership style.
  7. Do not play favorites, because everyone who is not a favorite will resent you. Treat everyone equally.
  8. Do not gossip about others behind their backs. That is the opposite of trustworthy behavior.
  9. Take the time to learn about your team members. Ask questions and absorb as much as you can about them.
  10. Put the success of the team before your own. If your team sparkles, you are going to look terrific anyway. And on the flip side, if you seem blatantly self-serving, your team is never going to put in their best effort for you.

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