Spend More Time Actually Sleeping in Bed

With rare (Robert Herjavec) exception, lack of sleep hurts your productivity and wrecks your health. An article at Men’s Health shares some fast and basic tips to get you sleeping longer. These may not help insomniacs (sorry), but they will benefit the rest of you:

  • In the late afternoon, do not take a nap or consume coffee; you will be awake all night.
  • Set a regular bedtime to program your brain to power down at the right time.
  • Avoid bright lights before bed (like from your phone) to avoid confusing your circadian rhythm, which will keep you awake.
  • Do not drink or smoke before bed. For that matter, do not binge eat and expect your stomach to get it all settled in the 15 minutes before you go to bed either.

You can view the original article (and a detailed description of ways lack of sleep will ruin your body) here:

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