How to Find More Time for Personal Reflection

Good project managers know not to fill their teams to full capacity with work, because some wiggle room is always important. Wiggle room in your life to stop and actually reflect on what you are doing is important too. In an article for Inc., Paul B. Brown suggests various ways to find timeouts in your day to stop and think. Here is a sampling:

  • At the very beginning of your day, nothing has had time to pollute your thoughts yet. Use the start of your day to reflect or plan your day’s objectives.
  • The more organized you are, the less time you waste just looking for materials that should already be on hand. If you keep organized, more time will avail itself.
  • You might literally schedule 15 minutes in your day to just think. It works for some people.
  • Try talking out loud to yourself. Some people need to talk through their ideas, and who says somebody else needs to be the one responding?

For even more ideas, you can view the original article here:

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