Empower the Boss without Being a Sycophant

Performed the right way, making your boss look good is a win-win situation. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Michael Schrage provides examples of these win-wins where nobody had to sell their soul to make it happen. For instance, a woman noticed her boss’s boss enjoyed when politically correct humor was inserted into presentations, so she would hunt down appropriate New Yorker or Dilbert comics to insert into her boss’s presentations. The boss’s boss liked them, which meant her boss liked her for going through that effort.

Schrage believes that making your boss look good (or “MYBLG,” as he decides to abbreviate it) is an extension of the mantra of “knowing the customer’s customer.” Selling products—and sometimes you are the product—involves understanding what motivates the customer. Understanding how to add more value to your boss’s work life is one of the most valuable pieces of information you can have.

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