Don’t Let the Boss Look Bad Either

Making the boss look good is one thing, but not making the boss look bad is also something we should be mindful of in our careers. A post from A Tank to a Bank sends us this reminder. Of course, only a treacherous person would intentionally try to undermine or sabotage a boss, but an employee can do things to unintentionally set up a boss for failure too. Specifically, the post discusses how there will be times when you have opportunities to talk to people higher up in the company than your boss. These people will likely have their own perceptions of your boss, and you should feel obligated to report back to your boss on what those perceptions are, especially if they are negative. Or more broadly, if you learn anything at all that could affect your boss, you should clue your boss in to it. When you do this, you reduce the odds of your boss getting blindsided later, which theoretically should be good for you too.

For further thoughts, you can view the post here:

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