8 Ways to Make Your Boss Look Good without Compromising Your Principles

The more lovable and reliable you are to your boss, the more comfortable the work experience you are going to have. How do you become “lovable” without hating yourself in the process though? In an article for Forbes, Jacquelyn Smith shares eight great tips:

  1. Be really good at your job in the first place.
  2. If a project went well and you think your boss was an integral part of the success, then be vocal about letting others know.
  3. If your boss was not at all the reason for a project’s success, then merely save your praise for the project itself. Tiptoe around your boss’s ineffectiveness to avoid having to say anything negative or uncomfortable.
  4. On that note, always be truthful. If your boss is a dunce and there is no aspect of his or her performance deserving praise, well, you can still say things like, “He looks great in a suit!”
  5. When you disagree with your boss, discuss it behind closed doors—not in the middle of a meeting, for example.
  6. Understand your boss and your business’s priorities in order to learn how you can maximize the value you add.
  7. Keep your boss generally in the loop about anything you learn that could be useful or impactful to your boss’s performance.
  8. When it comes to praise, keep it simple. If you distribute miniature statues of your boss to everyone at the office, it might get weird. Maybe.

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