5 Ways to Make Your Boss (and You) Look Good

When you grease the wheels a little, who knows how far you will go? In a post for The Creative Group, some helpful tips are given to make your boss look good, and make you look good in the process. First, give credit where credit is due, especially praising your boss for good work in public. It makes your boss look competent, and it makes you look thoughtful.

Second, focus on your boss’s positive aspects. Ideally, it should not be hard to find places where your boss excels, but use some imagination if you have to! Third, any time trouble is brewing, notify your boss right away. Problems will inevitably reach your boss’s desk eventually anyway, and it is better for your boss and for you if your boss already has advance knowledge of it.

Fourth, reach out now and then and ask if you can be of extra assistance to your boss in some way. Perhaps you can proofread some documents or conduct some research. And lastly, be the best employee you can be. If you are awesome, and you are associated with your boss, then people will think your boss played a part in your current awesomeness—and that may be true.

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