5 Ways to Be Good in Order to Make the Boss Look Great

Like the theme from The Karate Kid says, you are the best around. So why not use some of that talent to help your boss look great? Jessica Kleiman shares five tips to do that in an article for the Muse:

  1. Go beyond your job description to take some tasks off your boss’s plate, freeing up his or her time to complete more important work ahead of schedule.
  2. Pay attention to detail, perhaps proofreading your boss’s documents and presentations to weed out embarrassing mistakes.
  3. Let your boss know about mistakes you make fast, and try to mitigate the damage it might do to your boss.
  4. Stay up to date on the latest relevant business trends, and inform your boss of the ones that might be pertinent.
  5. When problems arise, inform your boss, but do so with a potential solution already in hand.

You can view the original article here:

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