3 Ways IT Can Bring More Value to the Business

What does the business want? IT value. When do they want it? Constantly. CIOs coming to grips with this reality may need some assistance. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, SAS CIO Keith Collins shares three ways IT can live up to expectations:

  1. Know your business in depth.
  2. Gain insights into trends.
  3. Understand what is possible now and what will be possible soon.

Profitable Behavior

For IT to be its most effective, it needs to understand how the business works. This may mean sending IT out to observe customers or sit in on business meetings. Collins claims to spend at least 30 percent of his time in customer visits and sales engagements.

His next tip is to gain insight into trends, which in Collins’s case fixates on Internet of Things (IoT). SAS is working on the challenges of data collection, transformation, and data quality analysis that come with IoT. In any case, when IT sees potential in a new trend, it is up them to research its business viability and what challenges come with implementation. A proof of concept might be developed from this research. Then it is on the CIO to come up with a worthwhile business case to get the idea approved and inserted into the budget cycle.

Finally, CIOs and teams must understand what is “possible.” Collins says this:

With sensors, for example, CIOs and their teams must think about what they mean for their applications long term. Today we have applications capturing data, we extract the data, we do post analysis, and then use the insights to adjust the process. In the future, we’ll embed analytics directly into the systems so the applications themselves autocorrect and adjust. Your app and BI teams will need to change their mindset and roles to enable this transformation.

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