3 Tips for IT to Build Trust with the Business

IT can be a rocket to the moon or a ball and chain. For those looking to the stars, Mark Samuels writes an article to help at ZDNet. He shares three tips for IT to help the business to achieve major benefits:

  1. Only work on projects the senior team prioritizes.
  2. Demonstrate how a technology investment will lead to a return.
  3. Seek opportunities to work collaboratively, internally and externally.


IT should want to tackle the issues that the senior team deems most pressing, but with that being said, it is also possible that the senior team underestimates how useful IT can be. If the CIO sees that the business is making lots of traditional operational requests, perhaps the CIO can recommend additional ways that IT can be useful. In any case, the CIO can establish a project management office to create a more direct and formalized link between IT projects and the business. With increased transparency comes increased discussion, allowing more people to ultimately get what they want.

About the second tip, Samuels shares this:

In short, CIOs must pay attention to the demands of those around the business. “You must always focus on the target customer,” [Andrew Marks, former CIO and now UK and Ireland managing director at Accenture Technology Strategy] says. “I often work with IT leaders who are looking to reduce their reliance on particular systems and services. You have to break your options down – you have to think about how the business currently works and how it might be better tomorrow if the c-suite backed your project.”

Regarding the final tip, Samuels discusses one business that has an annual leadership retreat of 250 people, allowing leaders to talk and make connections with each other. They additionally allow major IT firms to come and pitch their technology to leaders, so that leaders can always keep abreast of the options available to them. Internal IT can take stock of these options and help the business move ahead with the best ones.

For more ideas, you can view the original article here:

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