3 Steps to Add More Hours to the Day

Time is what you make of it. It is within your power to reshape it to get more out of it. In an article for Lifehack, Scott H. Young shares three broad steps to creating “new” time in your day.

The first step is to scrutinize how you are currently spending your time and cut back on the low-value activities. For instance, most people probably spend too much time watching TV of some kind (including Netflix) or killing time on the Internet. Some activities are low-value but mandatory—chores, in other words. You might be able to save time with chores though by bunching them together, and scheduling them in such a way that minimizes their frequency.

The second step is to start making better use of “gap time,” the time in-between meaningful activities. Being in transit or waiting in line would be gap time. These are good times to catch up on reading (or listening, in the case of ebooks) or even to allow your mind to wander on big topics. Serendipitous thoughts and solutions can occur in these gaps.

The final step then is basic triage. Get ruthless about squeezing new minutes out of the low-value activities. For instance, record the shows you like and then fast forward through commercials. Respond to emails in very fast and concise ways. And on the perennial subject of business meetings—conduct them standing up! It encourages everybody to hurry up and get to the point.

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