So You’ve Realized Your Coworkers Hate You

If an anvil had to drop on someone in the office, your coworkers would unanimously nominate you. How did this happen? Well, let’s not sweat the ugly details and instead focus on improving your image. Jacquelyn Smith shares how in an article for Business Insider.

In the first place, make sure the distaste for you is actually real and not just imagined. It could be that people simply disagree with your ideas, as opposed to despising that you exist. Get a reality check from whomever you can trust to be most straightforward with you. If the hate is real, then address the problem directly with the other person or persons, but consider also involving an impartial mediator. If it turns up that you really did do something wrong, then apologize, and ask what you can do to create better working relationships. Show genuine empathy for their stressed positions, especially if you are a source of that stress.

All the same though, you can take solace that some people are just jerks or crazy, and you are probably not the true problem in those situations. Decide when it is really worth your time and energy to improve a relationship. And for several more tips, you can view the original article here:

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