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The Verified Effects of How It Pays to Be Funny at Work

Humor has powerful observed effects on the workplace. In an article for the Wall Street Journal, Alison Wood Brooks and Brad Bitterly itemize its many benefits and also some risks. Here are some highlights compiled from varied research:

  • Teams that tell more jokes together communicate more effectively, offering more supportive and constructive comments to each other.
  • Some sarcasm can increase creativity, but it is best to save it for colleagues who already trust you.
  • Pairing humor with your complaints makes them more memorable, but it also makes the complaints seem less serious. If you actually need someone to act upon a complaint, then probably avoid making a joke out of it. If merely being mindful of the complaint is more important, then joke away.
  • People who tell good jokes are perceived as more confident and fit to lead.

The authors also offer the reminder that it only takes one especially bad joke to get yourself fired. But boy, what a funny story you will get out of it! You can view the original article here:

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