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Does Technological Freedom of Choice Improve Productivity?

For a long time, organizations have mandated what kind of technology devices that their employees can use at work. The goals include to unify an organizational culture and prevent security issues. However, organizations have compromised the preference of their employees with such a mindset. And this is why the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) guerilla movement of recent years has intended to deepen customer relationships and better work ethics. Matthew Raskin, in an article for the Enterprisers Project, says that part of who we are today lies in our preferred brand of personal technology, and nobody should tell us what to use otherwise.

The Power to Choose

This approach is adopted by some organizations to empower their employees and pave the way for them to be productive and comfortable in the workplace. A survey conducted by Jamf found that technology choice is about much more than having the coolest toys. It’s about helping employees to be more productive and promote their well-being in the workplace, according to 72 percent and 73 percent of respondents respectively.

Raskin writes that according to a PwC survey on Millennial work habits, 78 percent of young workers said access to the technology they like to use makes them more effective at work. This comes as no surprise as Millennials are known for prioritizing job satisfaction and flexibility over a paycheck at work. They are ready to leave anytime their needs are not met, so leaders need to take into account the characteristics of this generation and how it has reshaped the way things work.

While not all organizations have adopted this BYOD approach, what this means is that HR and IT need to work together to provide their employees with the right technology that make them both happy and productive at work. Employees are likely to stay or are attracted to a place where they have freedom, and feel that their preferences are respected and valued.

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