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How to Protect Your Team’s Time

Time is as valuable as gold, and managing time is like keeping the gold intact. Both you and your team need to make a commitment to meet the deadlines and keep track of the project. Christian Bisson, in a post for Voices on Project Management, offers three tips to help you protect team members’ time and ensure timely delivery:

  1. Trust your team.
  2. Clarify requirements and objectives.
  3. Protect their priorities.

Make Your Time Count

You can’t work for long with anyone without having trust for that person. Without mutual trust vested in, you and your team members are likely to experience insecurity, low self-esteem, and bad prestige when working together. This impacts productivity, so you can have some faith in your team members in completing their tasks on time and meet expectations. Eventually, people know that they are paid to do their jobs, so they will not simply push through.

You can help save time for team members by clarifying what you want and what the project requires from the very beginning. It’s very easy to lose time getting others up to speed when some members misunderstand or don’t know about something in the middle of the process. If you restate instructions before work starts, you’ll be able to narrow the discrepancies and expectation gaps.

When team members are constantly distracted by different kinds of noise, you can step in to prevent project efficiency from dropping. You can help them refocus by doing the following:

  • Avoid ad-hoc status requests. Plan status meetings (i.e. daily scrums) or ask the team to reach out to you when they need something instead of you interrupting them to ask what they need.
  • Insulate them from changes. Changes are to be expected in projects — and it’s your job to deal with them so the team can remain focused on their work.
  • Be the shield. If another stakeholder — for example, a senior manager — interrupts the team with questions or requests, insist he or she go through you to obtain

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