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4 Ways to Keep Your Project Team Motivated and Engaged

It is apparent that employees need to be motivated and engaged to be enthusiastic and passionate about their jobs. You don’t want employees who are indifferent and sleepwalking throughout the day without caring about their work or the organization’s performance. Unfortunately, business leaders have increasing difficulty finding ways to motivate employee engagement, which leaves a substantial amount of employee satisfaction and productivity on the table. Lisa Anderson, in an article for Project Times, says that people want to be treated well, informed, and appreciated. She shares some top strategies to motivate and engage project teams:

  1. Communicate clear visions and goals.
  2. Implement leadership that combines passion and focus.
  3. Appreciate every team member.
  4. Empower the project team.

Engaged Employees Are More Productive Employees

Business leaders are responsible for communicating clear visions and goals with employees on a consistent basis, letting them know what needs to be achieved and why it matters. An organizational mission statement alone is nothing but empty words if employers don’t connect something tangible to them. The team needs to understand how its work matters.

Some leaders are more task-driven, focusing solely on goals to be fulfilled and tasks to be completed, while others can be relationship-builders, caring about their subordinates and creating a friendly atmosphere. You should be able to be both as a good leader, because your business and your employees equally matter. Show your team that you have a strong passion for what you’re doing, and try to share that passion with the team.

The key in keeping your team engaged is to let them know how much you appreciate their work. A simple thank-you note can mean a lot to employees, because it shows you notice the quality of effort they are investing in their work. And lastly, Anderson says this about empowerment:

Empowering project teams within reasonable guidelines will go a long way. People want to feel as though they have some level of control over the project’s success – and that they have an impact. Knowing they are empowered to make decisions within specific guidelines enables motivation and engagement.

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