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Girls Feel Less Smart than Boys by Age 6

In an article for CNN, Juliet Perry and Meera Senthilingam share the findings of research conducted on 400 children about their perceptions on being “smart.” What was found was that children typically view both genders as equally intelligent at age 5, but girls start to feel less smart than boys at age 6. For instance, when offered an activity for “really, really smart kids,” 6-year-old girls express less interest than 5-year-old girls.

One wrinkle in the findings is that, when presented with a selection of two boys and two girls and asked who they think is the smartest in school among them, there was no gender bias found. That, of course, is good, and thus warrants further discussion. For a productive, intelligent workforce, we need everyone to believe that they are intelligent. For further thoughts and information about the study, you can view the original article here:

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