How Frequently You Should Post on Social Media According to the Pros

Learning how to use social media can sometimes feel like trying to understand a teenager with different emotional states. You cannot apply what you do on one platform to another, and you need different tactics to adjust to different places. Most organizations try to be social media butterflies to strengthen their online branding strategy, but this can backfire as many turn themselves into those annoying braggers or serial sharers that everyone hates. So the great question remains, how to shoot for just the right amount? Neil Patel, in an article for Forbes, offers some tips on how to master the art of posting frequency on different social media platforms. Here are some sweet spots:

  • Facebook: two posts a day if there are at least 10,000 followers
  • Twitter: depends on your goals. Multiple tweets per day may not have adverse effects.
  • Instagram: revolves around the consistency of posts

Social Skills

Social media requires experience and a good sense of judgment of how much is enough and what is appropriate on each platform. While each organization has its own social media marketing strategies that fit the business goals, there are certain “principles” that can be learned and applied to enhance your business’s social presence. For instance, with regard to Facebook, two posts a day is an ironclad rule if there is already a large established audience. However, if you have fewer than 10,000 followers, posting twice a day will actually result in about 50 percent fewer clicks per post.

Twitter seems to be a much easier-to-deal-with kid on the playground. A study run to examine the ideal tweeting frequency over 11,000 different tweets from big brands found that ideal number of times to tweet per day depends almost entirely on your goals. If you want to optimize your engagement per tweet, one to five tweets per day will serve you well. If you want to generate more total responses, you can tweet all day if you want, because surprisingly, it does not negatively reflect on your account.

Last but not least, Instagram has gained increasing popularity since the day Flickr was not entirely free anymore. But this platform can be the trickiest to handle when the key is your posting consistency. You can soak the audience with 20 pictures a day and still make them like you, but you need to keep doing that every other day, as well, in order to maintain the engagement rate. Thus, don’t transition frequently because you will see your account losing followers if you are not consistent.

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