The Four Habits That Create Work Ethic

What mystical forces must come together in order to create reliable work ethic? In an article for Lifehack, Scott H. Young says that this force comprises habits directed at building four things: persistence, focus, “do it now” attitude, and “do it right” attitude.

Persistence and focus are the bedrock of work ethic; if your brain clocks out after an hour of work, all hope is lost. To develop these two, grab a stopwatch and start measuring how long you can focus before you need a break or feel burned out. Then develop strategies to increase those lengths, such as experimenting with “burnout days,” where you work extra hard and long on one day and allow yourself a lighter day afterward.

To develop a “do it now” attitude, you basically just have to… do it now. Young says to adopt this attitude in a trial run of 30 days, but if that sounds like a big commitment, then start with a week or even just a day instead. By comparison, developing a “do it right” attitude is not as daunting. You can practice simple tips to improve quality of work. For instance, once you have completed your first pass at a piece of work, it is a good practice to set it aside for a while and then return to it with fresh eyes. You will probably find a lot of things to improve and revise once you are not so “close” to the work anymore.

For additional strategies for building each of these habits, you can view the original article here:

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