6 Reasons Your Employees Are Not Working Their Best

Are you frustrated with your team’s lackluster output? Maybe the issue is your lackluster leadership. In an article for TLNT, Mona Berberich identifies some ways you may be setting them up for mediocrity:

  1. You do not make enough time for performance evaluations: You must not think of evaluations as a chore or a “necessary evil.” They are a time to discuss how employees can improve, whether they are doing poorly or are already doing excellent. Use these meetings effectively.
  2. You do not understand employee strengths and weaknesses: This one would likely be the reason you hate giving evaluations—you do not know what to evaluate. Collect feedback from colleagues and the rest of the team on where people excel or need assistance. Then develop individualized employee performance metrics to chart a direction for employees to grow.
  3. You do not know what employees are passionate about: People work hardest toward pursuing their passions. If you can find ways to align work with their passions, their work output will likely increase dramatically.
  4. You do not challenge your employees: Like the above item, giving employees challenging work is an effective way to stimulate them to try harder. Employees inherently want to rise to the occasion (within reason).
  5. You fail to follow up: When metrics are in place to measure employee performance, you need to take action on them when the numbers start coming in.
  6. You fail to reward: If people feel undervalued, they get resentful. And eventually, they leave.

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