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5 Tips to Create a Culture of Continuous Learning

Organizations often view continuous learning as something “nice-to-do” but not “must-do.” However, according to Bersin by Deloitte, ‘high-impact learning organizations’ who matched training clearly to business needs saw profit growth three times greater than their competitors over four years. This is to say that there is a close connection between learning and business outcomes. A good learning strategy can support and put a business onto a better direction. Nina Mehta-Vania, in writing for Business Zone UK, offers five tips to help create a culture of continuous learning that grows your business:

  1. Develop great leaders who can drive learning that works.
  2. Make sure ‘learning paths’ lead to business success.
  3. Make time for development.
  4. Aim for ‘juicy’ employee development.
  5. Put in place a structure to document and reward each person’s progress towards their goals.

Learning to Meet Business Needs

Learning needs to be fostered by the top management in order to have long-term effects. As managers, you should seek conversations with employees to understand their knowledge gaps and offer education that helps fill those gaps. Learning with a purpose is like driving with a destination—don’t just learn anything for fun without realistic goals. You should provide the opportunity to access learning that makes a difference to your business, such as learning about business systems or learning to acquire new skill sets.

Learning takes time until you can pick the fruits, so don’t expect it to just happen in one or two days. You may even need to shift the mindset and what has been the “norms” in your workplace in order for your employees to embrace learning at work. Publicly reward or praise a person’s learning progress if possible; it shows your good will and how serious you are in creating the learning culture.

You can add more “flavors” to make learning more exciting, such as group discussion after work or assignments that challenge their creativity. Simple tactics can give people great motivations to learn and enable others to do the same thing. Mehta-Vania goes on to say this:

When the connection between training and business objectives is transparent, employees will be able to bring their best effort to work. And a company that develops a culture of continuous learning is a company that is earning. Employees will not only be up-to-date with the latest information and ideas, they will be empowered to create and innovate – while the business will see growth on the bottom line.

You can view the original article here: http://www.businesszone.co.uk/community/blogs/nvania/5-tips-to-create-a-culture-of-continuous-learning

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