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5 Scientific Ways to Make Yourself Smarter

“Smart” is an extremely subjective thing. But the good news is that, if you want to feel smart, you only need to fool one person—yourself. In an article for Inc., Geoffrey James shares five tips to feel smart that have some scientific backing:

  1. Believe that it is possible to get smarter: Perception shapes reality, and myriad studies have shown that, when you really believe you can do something, the odds are increased of you actually doing it (and the opposite is true as well).
  2. Socialize more frequently: James says a study conducted between 1998 and 2004 found that people who had more social interactions demonstrated better memory retention.
  3. Exercise more regularly: Exercising, in addition to making you lean and jacked, increases the presence of a protein that helps you create and reinforce memories.
  4. Drink more coffee or tea: Stimulants like caffeine can trigger dopamine to the places of the brain that need it, in addition to generally making you more alert. I personally would say that there are limits to the practicality of this tip though; refrain from becoming a drug addict.
  5. Daydream more often: When your brain wanders, serendipitous things happen. The most innovative thoughts of your day will almost definitely occur while you are zoning out.

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