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5 Reasons to Get PMP Certified This Year

If you’re looking for a new professional goal this year, getting certified is a good way to boost your knowledge and have more inspiration to go to work every morning. More certifications means more benefits, and the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential is recognized worldwide. It shows that you are a master when it comes to project management, and you don’t have to talk your colleagues into believing it. Elizabeth Harrin, writing for Project Management Tips, shares five reasons to pursue the PMP exam this year:

  1. Your project management skills will get better.
  2. You’ll meet other people.
  3. You might get promoted.
  4. You can put it on your resumé.
  5. Your salary might increase.

A Certification Comes with Greater Things

The perks of getting a certification include eliciting trust and acknowledgement of your capability from your boss and your colleagues. You don’t even need so many years in the position to prove your expertise to others, and you’ll learn a whole lot just through the process of studying for the test. Going through the activities of studying, revising, and preparing for the exam will expose you to a broad range of topics that are relevant to your job. It’s also nice to be able to meet other people when you join a study group. Meeting new people means new possibilities for networking and learning about job opportunities out there. You would need more people in your professional life, because you don’t know where they will lead you to on your career path.

Having some credentials on your resume not only makes you stand out among a crowd of applicants, but it will benefit you in multiple other ways in your current position. Getting a promotion and having pay rise are among of them. Employers in general take certifications seriously and are willing to reward as well as take advantage of those with more qualifications. Your newly tested skills will help you to take on more challenges and succeed on larger projects in the future. Harrin says this:

The studying pays off financially over time, and that goes for lots of countries, not just the USA. Qualified project managers earn more, so it’s likely that taking the qualification as early as you can in your career could have a marked effect on your lifetime earning power. Another reason to do it this year!

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